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Presented by:

  • DLR Group

  • Team: Nathaniel Gundersen, Haley Wilson, Van Stanek, Mae Murphy, Austin Gutierrez, Leon Holloway, Lorraine Leslie, Jessica Crandall
    Presented in Partnership with: Walsh Construction and Urban Earth Nursery

    Emergence implies transition, moving from one stage to the next. But emergence is not a seamless saga, rather a rough stitching together of the old with the new. Something holds onto us; our consciousness and memories are tethered to experiences of the past we carry with us into the future. Memory is not just a then recalled in the now, and the past is never passed. Emergence demands our transformation, our adaptation, and at the same time, it requires that we never fully let go. Something about our previous experiences tells us things will never be the same, and at the same time they tell us things will never change – lest we forget what brought us to this moment in the first place.

    And so emerging is also a process of remembering – returning to the consequences from the past to remind us and to teach us how to move forward, bearing witness to a year many so desperately want to put behind them. It is a dual process, both of transformation and the truly hard work of rebuilding and rediscovering what will carry us beyond our present into the future.

    Passage is an invitation to memory and a fuller participation in the now, an homage to the tumultuous past year, and a tribute to our collective resilience. Experienced as a wooden trellis channel, the Passage is inhabited by emergent plant species creating space for contemplation and consideration of change through time. Within this living threshold, participants are encouraged to explore their own crossroads in the wake of the global pandemic and how they will emerge within the space of what has been, what is, and what is about to be.