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  • A city’s identity is rooted in the history of its people: their shared experiences and the common perceptions and worldviews that come out of those. That history is manifest in a city’s built environment. When a city undergoes rapid change, it can lead to a collective identity crisis: especially when that environment embodies an uncomfortable past or present.

    Preserving and caring for important historical features can help a city, and thus its people, stay moored to its foundations. But how do we balance that with the present and future needs that rapid growth brings? In other words, how do we get the literal and figurative grammar of our past, present and future environment correct?

    This interactive, art and augmented reality installation asks Seattle’s citizen’s this question by providing people with an up-close and personal encounter on an important, but often overlooked, historic block in the city’s downtown core: 3rd and 2nd Avenues between Pike and Pine. This block is on the verge of massive change while also struggling with Seattle’s most complex and intractable problems.

    Rediscover this old block in a new way. Engage with local stewards of the block, residents and business owners as we wrestle with and welcome new ideas on how to make our neighborhood a more sustainable, compassionate and livable space for all.

    Ground-level/ no-step entry
    Wheelchair-accessible display cases, exhibit areas, and counters

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