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10:00AM - 7:00PM
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Presented by:

  • Isabela Noriega, Bennet Song, Brian Deck

  • Designers can offer places of refuge and comfort in an unbalanced world, places for people to reconcile their internal balance: a pause within the storm to observe the chaos. This terraced pyramid offers a break in the midst of a lively scene; those who visit the festival will need a break when walking through. It is a place to rest, and observe the environment; either in solitude or with other participants. In these moments of calm humans reset and reclaim space and time. As designers, it is these in-between moments that interest us. At its core, the platform is an unstructured place for dialogue, and hopes to foster a meeting point for exchange.

    Context and Inspiration
    In summer 2019, Isabela, Brian, and Bennet led a series of interviews in Sweden. There they spoke to newly arrived Syrians about the journeys from their place of origin to their new home country. These stories were formative to their design principles as aspiring architects/landscape architects. Yet, they recognize that these research methods are flawed. An interview is a methodical exchange between two parties. In these settings, it is challenging to create the intimacy required for genuine discussion. The interviewer, and respondent (sometimes unknowingly) assume roles within the conversation. The proposed design hopes to create affordances for people to freely engage with one another.

    The terraced wooden structure, is assembled with salvaged lumber and draped in recycled fabric. Structurally it is meant for many humans to linger, potentially meet, and hold discussion. The fabric is an added layer of comfort; subliminally rousing memory and sentiment though the material’s sensations and textures. Vertical panels of fabric can be inserted into the structure manually for those seeking more privacy