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  • Picnic Seminars

  • Design Team: Coco Allred, Faith Shields, Jelle van Bouwhorst

    Join us for a Picnic Seminar, an informal, generous, and public gathering – or even sign up to host one with us! These are reading-centered dialogues about the role design plays in how we connect with one another at different scales.

    Expect large artist-made picnic blankets to gather at. This is a space for all to enjoy looking through a zine library of community-curated readings, join a conversation or interactive activity to spark your curiosity, rest, sunbathe, or share a snack. Keep an eye out for the schedule exploring topics ranging from invisible to vast, and come for a seminar or pop by anytime for DIY activities.

    What are Picnic Seminars?

    Introduction Picnic Seminars are a programmed series of themed conversations that look at the role design plays in how we connect to one another at different scales. This socially engaged series focuses on the act of picnicking as an informal, generous, and public form of gathering to have conversations about the role design plays in connecting us within our universe at large and small scales.

    Topics: XS + XL Design at Scale

    XS: Connective Tissue & Response-ability Programming for XS focuses on the connection between human and non-human bodies on a molecular level. Some of the topics we will explore are air quality, multispecies medicine development, health impacts of touch, and empathy.

    XL: Space Capsules & Networks for the Future In XL Programming, we will explore how we connect to vast ecosystems on and beyond Earth, represent our planet, and The Golden Record, a sonic documentation of life on planet Earth sent to space in 1977, and discuss representation and storytelling methodology. We will also discuss Web 3.0 and the social, political, and environmental impacts of digital connection.

    Invitation to Collaborate

    We want your micro and macro ideas and favorite readings! We have an open call out now to host a 20-40 minute Picnic Seminar at Seattle Design Festival with us. These are informal, community conversations about a small or large topic of your choice that relates to design.

    To sign up, fill out this short form!


    This experience was awarded funding by the 2023 Festival Planning Team, for demonstrating alignment to Festival goals.