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Presented by:

  • Kadambari Mathur

  • Design Team: Kadambari Mathur (Fashion Designer), Jogi Panghaal (Proposal advisor), Myrna Crossley Elliot, and Chazz Elliot (Our Salish Collaborators, members of the tribe & esteemed practitioners of Salish Arts)

    Engage in resist dyeing, drawing from the indigenous Salish and distant Kutch traditions, creating a unique indigo-dyed fabric piece.

    Step into a dynamic exploration of the art of resist dyeing, a captivating technique that traces its roots back to diverse global communities. Under our guidance, you’ll draw rich inspiration from two distinct cultures – the indigenous Salish from the local land, and the artistic traditions of Kutch in distant India, each with their own unique approach to this intriguing art form.

    As you learn, create, and experiment, you’ll design your own unique piece of fabric, leaving your mark in indigo – a color of significance in both cultures. Your creativity will be fuelled, your curiosity ignited, and your appreciation for the artistry of different cultures will blossom. This experience isn’t just about making art – it’s about building connections, embracing diversity, and understanding the importance of cultural exchange.

    You’ll walk away not just with your own piece of dyed fabric, but with memories of the camaraderie and shared learning, and an enhanced appreciation for the art traditions of different cultures. Celebrate the diversity of our world, capture the spirit of the event in playful photos for social media, and foster a sense of belonging in our global village. Your journey of exploration awaits!


    This experience was awarded funding by the 2023 Festival Planning Team, for demonstrating alignment to Festival goals.