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10:00AM - 7:00PM
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Presented by:

  • Leah St. Lawrence

  • This project delves into two different evolutions of digitization. The first references our continuous participation in intimate private space (being on the phone, engaging with social media) in public areas both physically and digitally. The second is about diminishing publications – tangible, printed material – and how the digital is rapidly replacing the handheld publication. This is an interactive process as we all participate in the evolution away from printed materials by preferring to engage digitally. To simulate this, the viewer is able to acquire a printed copy of the magazine off of the structure while then replacing it with a replica “sculptural” version. This sculptural version provides the surface we will be projecting the media reference in the publication. So, as the structure becomes more and more structurally blank, the digital work becomes brighter, clearer, more engaging. The tangible magazine represents what we can see and feel, read and flip through and the concept of the structure become just a mode for digitization should confront the viewer with their preference and participation for even as they might take home and cherish the printed publication, will they read it? Or choose to engage with the projections only – effectively having it read to them.
    By choosing to enter, you are taking part in the death of physical publications and the immersion of yourself in an inevitably digital world – which will you choose when given the choice between reading a magazine and watching the content?

    The structure is simplistic and designed to gradually block light as the cladding becomes more “concrete”. It is constructed of plywood beams cut at a slope with holes drilled for steel wire or bars to tie through. On the wire/bars there will hang a multitude (100 or so) arcade magazines which is our chosen medium to represent the printed publication as Leah St. Lawrence was the feature editor of the latest issue and it directly discusses digital expression and art. Accompanying the printed publication will be a larger amount (200 or so) of “replica” magazines made out of either porcelain or high melt point wax dipped canvas – we are continuing to test materials. The curve is meant to filter light as there will be a short-range projector on the interior ceiling projecting on one side of the structure. We invite viewers to enter the structure, manipulate the cladding, and engage with whichever medium they choose.