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10:00AM - 5:00PM
Occidental Park, 149 S Main St, Seattle WA 98104
This event is free
Family Focus

Presented by:

  • Chris Martin

  • Rain. A song written in the sky, a silent force acting upon an infinity of instruments.

    pitter-patter–plip-plip-ploop-plip-ploop, flick a flack-fleck, dibble-dibble-dopp-dopp, tluck…….tlock……….tluck.

    A transformative experience, it delights with its gentle syncopation and allow us to re-see shapes, colors, shadows and textures with empty ears. When just the trees were listening, rain was the accompaniment to a more vast ensemble; and through collection and transpiration its consonant melody was one of nourishment and revitalization. As this audience has been slowly stripped away and replaced with the more hollow and non-porous denizens of our current urban fabric, rain now falls on deaf ears. The myriad of textural resonances are no longer quietly collected and absorbed, but instead murmuring deep underground, kept silent by an artificial root system’s thick steel skin. This solitary note glides by imprinted with the detritus of repeat performances on a dissipated stage, too often going unnoticed and unheard. We remain blissfully unaware, no longer absorbing the rain, but consuming it in increasing quantities without knowing the implications of our actions.

    We cannot hear the rate in which our waterways are overflowing or how many lakes and rivers are being polluted. Even though devices such as detention tanks have successfully mitigated some of these issues and changed the tempo of the rain they too remain silent underground. Why should a select few experience this new music, why is the most important sustainability challenge left without an audience? Let us bring light, and sound to this issue; to create a place with sounds as varied as the forest and once again gain nourishment from our ever present composers in the sky.

    Let us experience rain.