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  • RepairCycle

  • Clothing is our second skin, and everyone deserves to feel good in it. Clothing, quite literally, touches on some of the most defining aspects of our culture today—from body positivity, to gender identity, and economic equality. The RepairCycle is a mobile, on-the-spot garment mending service and experience that brings the Seattle community together around the universal aspect of clothing—offering a functional service while creating connection and dialogue through a shared activity.

    The RepairCycle will engage the Seattle Design Festival in hands-on clothing mending and skill building via a mobile clothing repair bike trailer. The RepairCycle will offer two full days of clothing repair services and education through pre-scheduled appointments, mini mending workshops, and take-away repair kits. Our clothing repair technicians will staff the Block Party to repair clothing and teach repair skills to festival participants, who can bring lightly damaged clothing to the mobile bike unit for on-site repair within the day. In addition, passersby will have the opportunity to learn garment repair techniques, such as darning, Sashiko mending, and button-replacement by engaging with the RepairCycle team and one another.

    Visitors of the festival are encouraged to bring clothing that needs light mending to the festival, likely signing up via an online schedule distributed through pre-festival promotional materials. While the RepairCycle is a mobile “shop,” this pop-up experience will be stationed in a specific zone. Ideally, located in Zone A or B, as those who miss pre-festival promotions could plan to bring a damaged garment for repair on the 2nd day of the festival. Or, stroll down the street to the South Lake Union Goodwill and pick up something for light alteration or mending.