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10:00AM - 5:00PM
Occidental Park, 149 S Main St, Seattle WA 98104
This event is free
Family Focus

Presented by:

  • YenFisherSmith

  • REVELution is an interactive experience combining geometry, sound and visual stimuli to prompt a conversation about how we participate in change. Six simple triangles form a unique structural frame. The geometry of the frame allows participants the opportunity to enter at several points, each offering a unique perspective of the exhibit. Woven to the frame are several hundred wires, spaced only inches apart. The wires are held in tension and through the use of a reflecting board, sound is created when the strings are plucked.

    The REVELution team was conceptually guided by the idea that our world is becoming increasingly connected. Yet with this connectivity more barriers than ever before seem to exist. Frequently the barriers appear like cages that constrain us but so often are made of immaterial things – as flimsy as wire and air. By rotating and pulling on the strings, we’re proposing that the things which separate us can be transformed into visual beauty and sound with a potential for unity over division.

    REVELution is intended to immediately appeal to all visitors. It’s simplicity in form, scale and subtle function will engage all passersby. By activating the installation, a series of deeper reflections occur. How we catalyze change, participate together in it and make something beautiful in the process are all questions REVELution wishes to implicitly ask.