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12:00PM - 2:00PM
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Spend your lunch (virtually) with SDF August 23!

Log on from your desk as we stream design sessions and live discussions about CONNECTION with special guests. The mainstage will be a lively and engaging virtual show produced by the Seattle Design Festival.

Samer Fouad

How Public Installations Can Create Connections
Installation artist and Assistant Professor of Design Samer Fouad will be discussing the power of interactive art through participatory design. The connection of artist and viewer has become blurred during the 2020 pandemic, forcing many artists to interact with their audience through their screens. As we come back to some form of normalcy, Fouad asks how participatory design can assist artists to reconnect with their audience through interactive art? From public works to private galleries, Fouad explores how the viewer becomes a collaborator, and how the original artist can become a facilitator of creativity.

Team Labyrinth: Sophia Johnson, Camille Miller, Carly Crooks

Designing an SDF Installation
Hear about how this team of UW designers brought their concept to life at the 2022 Seattle Design Festival Block Party.

Taylor Miles Hopkins

Virtual Zine Workshop
This virtual workshop will walk participants through the process of creating an 8-page zine (pronounced zeen), which is a small-scale, self-published booklet known for its easy distribution and exploration of interests and passions. This will include an introduction to the form, a live tutorial, working time to experiment with a provided prompt, and resources for future creations. Any level of makers are welcome—all that’s needed is a single piece of paper, scissors, and a writing utensil.

Team: Adrian Pacheco, Allison Schroeder, Cal Dobrinski, George Zatloka, Trevor Dykstra, Tyler Schaffer