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Spend your lunch (virtually) with SDF August 22-24!

Log on from your desk as we stream design sessions and live discussions about CONNECTION with special guests. The mainstage will be a lively and engaging virtual show produced by the Seattle Design Festival.

Tara Kelton, Rosalie Yu, Jayme Yen

Remote Proximity
The past few years have forced us to reconsider what it means to be ‘together’. Rosalie Yu (Taipei/New York), Tara Kelton (Bengaluru), and Jayme Yen (Seattle) are strangers who met online in the early part of the pandemic and decided to explore how the tools and strategies of remote meetings can be misused or broken to simulate closeness and connection.

Rosalie, Tara, and Jayme are artists interested in how physical space is experienced through screens, to which they each bring individual concerns: in care + participatory processes (Rosalie), the opacity of digital platforms (Tara), and deep mapping (Jayme). While they’ve never met offline, every week of the pandemic they’ve met in different digitally mediated gathering spaces — simulated game worlds like Second Life / Minecraft, virtual meeting rooms like Yorb, and 3D replicas of their homes. In these spaces they get close, but fail, to teleport into each other’s presence and experience time and space simultaneously. More recently, the three artists are constructing their own tools and strategies in an attempt to replicate proximity.

In this short recorded conversation Rosalie, Tara, and Jayme will discuss where they’ve met, how they got there, and where they’re going next.

Amy Brooks Thornton

Sensing the Wood Fired Oven: A Film Screening
In her doctoral work at University of Washington, College of Built Environments, and much of their masters work at Harvard Graduate School of Design, Amy Brooks Thornton focuses on full sensory and embodied connection across difference between humans, and humans and the beyond human, to create vastly enriched understanding and better design outcomes for healthy coexistence. Sensing the Wood Fired Oven strives to elicit the full sensory experience of the outdoor wood fired oven through expressive and layered imagery and as told through four wood fired oven bakers: Juli Vanderhoop, Jeffrey Hammelman, Noah Elbers, and Rob Gurwitt. The outdoor wood fired oven is communal outdoor infrastructure for well being which activates many of the human senses while also creating a space of connection across difference, between humans, and humans and the beyond-human. The wood fired oven also can alleviate isolation and food insecurity and increase mental well being. If built and used appropriately, it is very fuel efficient. The outdoor wood burning oven is a brilliant example of full sensory design for ecological and human health.

Mindy Lehrman Cameron

A Case for a Downtown Seattle Cultural Center
Seattle needs a vibrant downtown place that will function as a singular nucleus of culture and design. Design thinking (art/design/architecture) can be brought to the forefront of public discourse by creating a multifunctional center, open to all, in which various cultural organizations have proximity, visibility, and shared resources. A Seattle Cultural Center, attractive and accessible, will induce a proactive, inclusive, and participatory discourse to generate a wide, positive effect on the physical environment in and around Seattle. I have been floating an idea and have been receiving enthusiastic responses from colleagues and associates, to develop a Cultural Center for Seattle, based upon the Chicago Cultural Center model, to be housed downtown, possibly in the Art Deco Bon Marché/Macy’s building. In this talk, I will present an argument about why this is a good idea and will describe the effort I have been making to bring this idea to actuality.

Future Arts

Designing for IRL/URL: ARtPops Mixed Reality Popsicles
Local arts + tech orgs Future Arts hosts Houdini Interactive, a regional creative technology company + Lamp Lab, a local community maker space group to shine a light on the behind the scenes process of creating a brand new IRL/URL product experience: AR+Pops – Augmented Reality Popsicles. Summer popsicle artist is: Nina Vichayapai, with her project called “Home Here”. AR+Pops is on display at AUGMENT Seattle, a mixed reality summer showcase open until August 28th.

Team: Adrian Pacheco, Allison Schroeder, Cal Dobrinski, George Zatloka, Trevor Dykstra, Tyler Schaffer