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Presented by:

  • Weber Thompson

  • Team: Emily Evenson, Cody Lodi, Leslie Riibe, Brittany Porter, Rachael Bauer, Chelsea Gorkiewicz, Jeanna Stone, Temyka Boots, Bernadette Kelly, Maggie Carson, Nicole Winn, Johanna Lirman, Fanny Idoux, Mark Dorsey, John Hornibrook, Noelle Galicia, Bradford Untereker, Marc Furst, Jill Myers, Stephanie Farrell, Aaron Swain, Monica Knapp, Erin Hatch

    We will invite you to reflect on your experiences during the pandemic. As we collectively emerge from the past 18 months, what are you feeling? What emotions are guiding your actions? Are you harboring emotions that you would like to set free?

    This activity — reflection and contemplation, documentation, creation, and release — mimic those of a thoughtful design process. As architects, we follow a similar procedure: assess/analyze, document, create, and finally, we let go of our creations. Ultimately the things we design and create are for the enjoyment and use of others. As we see it, the model boat pond will temporarily become a symbolic representation of our participants’ creations living a life beyond the creator. Together, the boats bobbing in the breeze will be a representation of the many participants – each an individual contributing to the greater whole.

    Taken together, this installation will be an expression of the collective consciousness. How might we utilize a design process to live a life of intention and set the emotions that are no longer serving us free?