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Presented by:

  • Mahlum

  • Team: Mahlum Architects, Hoffman Construction Company

    Explore a wandering path punctuating time and space. Move through a series of vertical gardens, animated by simple repeating objects. At main welcome boards, untie a small flag, write a message, and tie it a trellis along the path. Plants at different stages of growth wind their way up nearly invisible cables. They are tangible expressions of time, rich with life, scent, and color. As the day shifts, wind and light will animate the message flags, as the hopes and memories of our community dance with new growth.

    In isolation, the significance of an object can easily be lost. Time can be blurred as we lose sense of outward markers. We ask, how might we shift perspectives to celebrate the small, beautiful, everyday things? We are inspired by the impact of repetition and power of community to shape the perception of time and space.

    Our installation is made of simple, repeating objects. Both man-made and natural elements work together asking us to tune our senses – light, sound, smell, touch, and memory – as we interact with and move through the landscape.

    Even as each person navigates the same objects as their neighbors, their experiences, like their stories, will be unique. As the weekend continues and the trellises fill and flutter with stories. Visitors can find moments of delight among the plantings and comfort in the knowledge that are part of a connected experience. Our hope is that all visitors find a moment to pause, reflect, leave a mark, and emerge invigorated with a deeper sense of connection to time and place.

    This installation is a product of the community. Our colleagues nurtured hundreds of seedlings into blossoming plants. This effort spanned our two flagship cities and united our office across state lines. Donations in time, labor, and materials have come from many generous partners. Without this upswell of continued support, this could have never happened.

    After the festival, these installations intend to have a long life-enriching and supporting community gardens and offering sustenance and joy for many years to come.