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  • Cushing Terrell

  • Abbott Construction

  • Discover new ways to interact and build resilient, transcendent connections!

    When our world of constant motion was brought to a jarring halt by the pandemic, social interaction gave way to solitude, and ‘IRL’ connection, once the norm, became dangerous, indulgent, and rare.

    Now, as we continue experimenting with re-opening, our relationships with one another and the environments we share are in constant flux. We might, in social settings, still seek quiet moments away from the crowd, or in moments of deep solitude find ourselves yearning for connection to our social circles. These ebbs and flows of social and physical connectivity are studied in SOCIAL TIDES.

    Taking cues from the power of the rivers, lakes, and the sound which define our natural environment here, we’re manifesting the formation of new eddies and channels when barriers arise. We strive, through SOCIAL TIDES, to create a space that can live as effectively as a gathering space as it can a place to be alone but still connected.

    By creating and flexing between the diversity of spaces, SOCIAL TIDES represents various means of finding connectivity and highlights each individual’s unique needs for human contact. Just as our personalities are slowly molded by the relationships we form with one another, the undulating repetitive design of SOCIAL TIDES inspires users to bend and flex to meet each other in the middle, physically and emotionally, giving a clearer understanding of where the other started and their lived experiences along the way. SOCIAL TIDES celebrates the fundamentals of connection we strive to build in today’s new society.

    Team: Isaura Perez, Parya Talebi, Alice Wang, Rei Karasawa, Robin Geotina, Aubrey Morris, Blake Cronin, Danielle Mittee, Colton Riebe, Jessica Earp, Lily Summers, Amanda Herzberg, Tim Scolarici