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10:05AM - 5:00PM
Harbor Steps, 1221 First Avenue , Seattle WA 98101
This event is free

Presented by:" target="_blank">GGLO

GGLO presents a series of temporary interactive public art installations engaging the public at Harbor Steps, one of one of Seattle’s premiere urban gathering spots.

The installations connect the public with new ideas and design changes that are set to change the Harbor Steps. This public program is part of a 30th-anniversary celebration of GGLO’s history of community projects and engagement of public spaces and exploration of connecting people with place.

Public art installations will be distributed up and down, in and out of the Steps engaging the children and adults to experience the individual pieces as well as the explore the relationship. Designs are intended to “hack” the Harbor Steps, engaging one’s body, senses, and spacial relationships – bringing people up, down, in and out of the Steps.

Join GGLO on September 15th for a full day’s program of musicians, dancers, and performers. 

GGLO designs distinct places where people connect and thrive. As GGLO celebrates its 30th anniversary, we saw an opportunity to enliven and strengthen the neighborhood in which we work, live and play – inspiring people to create memories and community in our backyard.

In each of our projects we seek to bring the essence of community alive – believing that the fundamental desire to interact and feel a part of something can be evoked through design. This perspective runs deep through our practice, helping ensure our solutions have the most positive impact in any context.

At GGLO, we believe it’s both the opportunity and responsibility of design to inspire the best aspects of the community. To create belonging, improve lives, spark opportunity, foster relationships and create unforgettable personal moments.

The Harbor Steps have limited accessibility to visitors who use wheelchairs. Please speak to a representative from GGLO to assist your experience with Step It Up.