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Presented by:

  • Elizabeth Gahan

  • Liz Tran

  • Kate Sweeney

  • For the Seattle Design Festival, artists Elizabeth Gahan, Liz Tran, Kate Sweeney, and memory as a gang (The Balance King + Zaiche Johnson) use the concept of energy and balance to create an immersive studio installation that embodies seemingly contrasting dualities: an environment that is challenging yet soothing, vibrant yet meditative, and bold yet embracing. Through balance, these dualities blend together and create a cohesive sensory experience.

    For “Synergy,” these artists will use exuberant color, a strong sense of design, dynamic sound curation and a distinctly sensual approach. Each artist looks to nature to inspire and inform their choice of bold color, form and decibel. While the artwork is vibrant and energetic, it is also balanced by a sense of meditation as viewers are immersed in a deeply rich environment. As in nature, visual stimulation and a feeling of serenity work in tandem to create a physical, emotional and sensory experience that is both exciting and peaceful. Like a sublime waterfall or sweeping vista, their work immerses and captivates viewers through installations that engage and surprise. The balance found in nature is dynamic. The patterns and growth in nature are both stimulating and soothing to the human brain on a deep instinctual level. Whether exploring crystals, water, flora or deep space, this installation will tap into a similarly instinctive connection for viewers to experience.

    The studio installation will include wall murals, a musical landscape, lighting components, a sitting area, tea service and more. Viewers are encouraged to visit and take a moment to sit and reflect.

    Directional signage for accessible entrances, restrooms, and other facilities
    All-gender restrooms