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  • MG2

  • Design Team: Created by Trevor Gunderson and the 2023 MG2 Summer Interns. In participation with Abbie Drake, Connor Dimick, Peter Stocker, and Ryan Lascano.

    Help us cultivate our Garden of Ideas! Through the lens of the everyday, we will imagine and cultivate idea seeds we believe should be incorporated into our shared spaces and places.

    By questioning the now – and generating intentional dialogue surrounding collective ownership – we will nurture new ideas and build on one another’s dreams, goals, and aspirations for a better future.

    Join us at our communal table, where you’ll be presented with two options for engagement: a prompt or an image to annotate, illustrate, draw, or write how you envision positive change within your city in the context of existing conditions and everyday experiences. No matter what option is selected, the question remains the same; what if? From this simple, yet complex question, only you can shape and imagine the outcome. Accompanying you at the shared table will be student work and previous participant idea seeds to help give context and insights into how your neighbors might imagine their neighborhood. As participants consider ‘what if,’ they are encouraged to use their own experiences, dreams, and aspirations as the foundation for their ideas.

    Throughout the day, each idea will be pinned to a shared wall, allowing it to grow and inspire future participants or passersby. Ideas will be shared with other members of the community through passive, yet expressive, engagement where solutions are still in progress and feedback is necessary to the development of possible solutions. The participatory nature of this experience will ground neighborhood development in the hands of local stakeholders whose collective contribution of ideas will serve as the garden upon which to grow our neighborhoods of the future.