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10:00AM - 7:00PM
Lake Union Park
860 Terry Ave N, Seattle WA 98109
This event is free

Presented by:

  • VIA - A Perkins Eastman Studio

  • Create a banner that captures elements your own intersectional identity to help build a collective tapestry of hidden connections with other festival-goers.

    Like the mycorrhizal networks that connect and strengthen apparently individual trees in the forest, this installation seeks to reveal the hidden social and cultural networks that make up our diverse city. This installation will begin as a framework of individual elements that define an experiential space. The frame elements creating the space will be connected during the Block Party by Festival-goers.

    Using reused fabric, participants will be invited to create individual “flags” or banners representing their intersectional identity and then to tie those banners to the framing elements and/or other flags to create a connected space. The individually created elements will reveal connections between different Festival goers, capturing different aspects of identity that overlap. The effect will evoke an interwoven textile that creates an intimate space.

    Team: Alice Audebert, Brian O’Reilly, Dan Kennedy, Douglas Sharpe, Emerald Liang, Emily Perchlik, Jacob Jang, Jenny Burdzinski, Kyle Kinney, Wolf Saar, Yinan Liu