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  • August 15-23, 2020
This event is free

Presented by:

  • Site Workshop

  • SHKS Architects

  • As a reflection of our specific time in history and our human need to interact with each other and nature, SHKS Architects and Site Workshop have collaborated to construct a community garden at an underutilized corner in Fremont. A pixelated grid demarcates space and order in our time of six-foot distancing. Transforming from planter to bird bath to seat, this rhythmic infrastructure of cultivation and habitat invites both people and pollinators to pause.

    Time to Garden ponders the effect of time on the built versus the natural. While the urban fabric of our cities has a feeling of permanence, our constructions are inherently temporary, beginning to decay as soon as they are completed. In contrast, a tree can outlive a building by hundreds of years, maturing and aging gracefully over time. The garden will be constructed of basic and locally available materials – clay pipe, cardboard tubing, wood and steel. Infilled with soil, plants and water, we will observe the effects of time on the built and the natural, both during the festival and in the months and years to come.

    This community garden is the result of a co-design effort between architects and landscape architects, who envision this installation as not only a marker of our current time, but as a garden that will endure, tended and cared for by the people that live and work around it. We invite you to visit and pause and come again and again.

    The installation will occupy the NW Corner of Woodland Park Avenue N & N 38th Street in Fremont and will be partially on private property and partially in public right-of-way. 1050 N 38th St, Seattle, WA 98103

    Location Capacity: 8. Ground-level accessible from City of Seattle sidewalk