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  • August 21-23, 2020
This event is free

Presented by:

  • SABArchitects

  • Team: Aaron Ladd, Carmen Scraper, Daniel Scully, Ian Stevens, Jenny Prieto, Michael Beck, Patrick Dodson, Sarah Ellen Jodway, Sherif Sugiyama, and contributions from Stephen C. Grey & Associates, LLC

    9 artists and designers created 9 sculptures in their 9 separate homes. These sculptures will be placed distances apart, located along the South Ship Canal Trail at 198 Nickerson St. When looked at at the right angle, they come together to form a whole image. Follow the Instagram account [@timewellspent_project] to see images of each artist and their process in making their sculpture. Then see the whole sculpture in person, where you will get to witness all those fragments of time spent by each individual, come together to form one piece in the present moment.

    Our location is outside with plenty of space. We will be encouraging all visitors to maintain a 6 ft distance and to practice proper social distancing techniques. The “Time Well Spent” display can be side viewed from a wheelchair accessible path, along the South Canal Trail behind the Almquist Winery, accessed from public walkways. As the parallax effect can only be viewed by stepping onto a grassy area, our team is creating an online experience. The online experience will include photographs, with text descriptions, of each of the pieces of the sculpture. As well as a view of the parallax effect, with a text description for those who are sight impaired. Video components will include subtitles, for any who are hard of hearing. By making public art accessible online, our team hopes to connect with people confined at home due to compromised immune systems, sensory processing disorders, and mobility impairments.