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  • Design for America at University of Washington

  • Lives of modern society are inundated with commitments to family, friends, and personal careers. A popular choice to spend downtime is consuming social media. Keeping up with what’s going on in different people’s lives, sharing joyous moments can be a pleasure for both the user and the audience, and the pursuit of “likes” is certainly not new in today’s society. However, data shows there is an increase in time spent on social media applications. Apps such as Facebook and Instagram consume hours of time in any day, taking away users’ ability to engage in interactions around one’s surroundings. This imbalance of time management not only creates a society of social isolation, but it also pushes a shift in culture from the need to “have a perfect life” to the need to “being perceived as such life qualities”. More serious consequences include the pursuit of illusional body images, using images as models of life, and a materialized world view. We would like to make the participants being aware of such imbalance of time use, as well as asking the question “what’s your purpose for social media” and “how much of yourself is communicated through social media versus through real social conversations”. Through a thought-provoking installation, we ultimately wish to suggest participants to reduce the use of social media. Keeping accessibility and relatability in mind, we hope to resonate our message to a wide range of audience and encourage them to strike conversations with those around.