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Presented by:

  • Madalyn Asker

  • Jacob Peel

  • Aubrey Moore

  • UnEarthed asks us to get curious about the material beneath our feet. In this installation, explore materiality – from the absurd to the natural – as alternatives to standard paving practices.

    When we look at the built world with half-closed eyes, we see a matrix of concrete and asphalt. The direct connection between earth and feet has been broken. Perhaps with a little artistic curiosity, we can rediscover the worlds that live hidden under the topcoat of paving.

    In this installation, we get curious about the ground plane. Through the use of absurd materiality, we hope to draw the user into a re-engagement with their bodies and the ground. Users can enter into this realm, remove their shoes and find joy in connecting with soils from all around the world and discover alternatives to standard paving practices. UnEarthed is a call to consider new technologies that take care of the living microbes, the cleanliness of water, and the connection we feel to the ground plane. We are not proposing a solution but rather asking participants to stay curious about a new matrix that may emerge that is more diverse, joyful, and kind to all living things.


    This experience was awarded funding by the 2023 Festival Planning Team, for demonstrating alignment to Festival goals.