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Presented by:

  • Perkins&Will

  • GLY Construction

  • Design Team: Erik Mott, Ryan Bussard, Adam Koehn, Aidan Bird, Alyssa Moyer, Amanda Ziegler, Andrew Baltimore, Aparna Pillai, Audrey Pukarta Bentley Rager, Davien Graham, Evan Chakroff, Jake Woll, Jesce Walz, Kelly Schnell, Khin Htet, Luna Huang, Meghavi Patel, Mel Evans, Nita Tjahana, Preston Pape, Priyanka Saglani, Rachel Meyers, Shhrruti Jain, Sonata Caric, Sparsh Rastogi, Valeria Masciotti, Yichen Li

    A pavillion installation inspired by the sailboats afloat on Lake Union and the constant motion of the waves that highlight and invite curiosity and engagement.

    UNFOLD provokes curiosity by never fully revealing all aspects of the experience at one time. The user must explore and fully immerse oneself into the various layers of fabric ranging in height, color and translucency which further adds to the curiosity experience of the installation. As one wanders through the maze-like space, the translucent fabric creates silhouettes of others in the space while various heights of the fabric allow for people to appear and disappear throughout encouraging chance encounters and play.

    Throughout the day, the varying angles of the sun create dramatically different silhouettes. At night, uplighting highlights the forms and shapes of the installation even more dramatically. In the center of the installation, the view of the surrounding park is minimal, creating a frame for the sky, and enhancing the magnification of Puget Sound light, clouds, sun, and weather throughout the day.