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  • August 15 - 23, 2020
This event is free

Presented by:

  • Amp Up Seattle

  • GGLO

  • Team: EJ Deocampo, Gargi Kadoo, Hannah Estrich, Nicholas Zurlini, Parker Meade, Simba Mafundikwa, Stuart Jones

    How do we spend time together, or spend time apart? Coming together in the midst of global pandemic may look different than our previous understanding of the word together. Yet the ongoing fight for racial justice and equality shows us that there are a variety of ways in which we can come together to fight for a common cause. As we continually adapt to new means of collaboration and connectivity, the use of technology and virtual platforms is heightened.

    Amp’ Up Seattle is a series of Augmented Reality installations built virtually and placed throughout the city. The locations of each installation will be shared with festival attendees, allowing participants to find and interact with each one.

    This project seeks to address our shifting understanding of community due to both COVID 19 social distancing and the protests against systemic racial injustices and police brutality gripping cities across the nation. These ongoing events have some common themes. They both question our understanding of separation and unity. Discussion about both crises is centered around how to come together after spending time apart. They both address fears and anxieties of an unknown future.

    We intend to address these fears and anxieties by archiving and cataloging the voices we hear and see in our community. Their voices are speaking loudly and urgently, but the visual representations of their words are temporary. We fear that when the boards come down and the city goes back to normal, the messages will be lost. We seek to memorialize the voices of the movement and provide a platform for them to continue onward.

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    Amp’d Up Seattle app required to see these installations. Once on site, find the signage, and scan image with app to be able to see the installation.

    (Please look to event website for final info and map.)
    -Cal Anderson Park
    -Intersection of 23rd Ave and E Union St (Africatown)
    -Judkins Park
    -Jefferson Park
    -Westlake Center
    -Red Square (UW)
    -Kerry Park
    -Jose Rizal Bridge (edited) 

    The Augmented Reality installations are located throughout the city, accessible to the public any time of day. If participants cannot travel to a site, they can visit @amp_up_seattle on Instagram. Participants will need to download a free app onto their mobile device to view the installations. See the event website for details on how to download the app. This app is available for both Android and Apple users.