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Presented by:

  • Rolluda Architects

  • BNBuilders

  • ABC Imaging

  • Design Team: Jian Sun, Jess Lentner, Brett Barbakoff, Nestor Marquez, Christina Pizana & Jayson Gaspay, Noah Toomey, Ysmael Hufana Jr, Doug Van Zee

    Explore the exhibit, and learn about Lake Union Park. Pique your curiosity by learning how Seattle is making the city better for everyone, and last but not least, relax, have fun, and interact with each other in the eye of the oasis. Stay as long as you want in our exhibit, the Oasis of Curiosity.

    Within our exhibit, visitors will explore, walk the path, and learn about the history of this park – how this park and lake have shaped Seattle. Explore how the Duwamish, Muckleshoot, Snoqualmie, Suquamish, and Tulalip people have used this land.  See how the Industrial Age curved the lake into what it is today.

    In the center of our exhibit, visitors will arrive at an Oasis, a peaceful and pleasant area to sit in a shaded area by a wading pool of water – the sounds of laughter from people of all ages making bubbles, solving the mosaic puzzles, and conversing about the many things they have learned exploring. We welcome all to the “An Oasis of Curiosity” Stay as long as you want, and through your curiosity, understand what is possible.