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  • DXARTS Collective

  • Hug inflatable columns to witness the power of collective collaboration as more pillars rise. Foster a sense of unity and emphasize the transformative potential of working together.

    Embrace the Invisible Thread:
    As you enter this ethereal space, surrender yourself to the embrace of our enigmatic inflatable columns, gently swaying like ethereal sentinels. In their ephemeral touch, you’ll discover an invisible thread, guiding you toward a deeper understanding of collaboration and its transformative power. Surrender your hesitation and embark on a voyage of collective resonance.

    Connect through Tender Embrace:
    Amidst a world abuzz with bustling souls, pause and surrender to the beauty of touch. As you gently cradle the supple form of the inflatables, a profound connection awakens. The exchange of energy, unspoken and sublime, ripples through your being and merges with the collective spirit that binds us all. In this shared moment, witness the profound impact of unity taking shape.

    Whispers Unveiled:
    As you engage, the whispers of collaboration begin to unfurl. With each gentle embrace, an exquisite transformation unfolds. The whispers come alive, breathing life into the inflatable columns, as they respond to the collective essence of those who partake. Behold the dance of light and shadow, a poetic symphony of visual enchantment that mirrors the harmony within.

    Safely Entranced:
    Within this sacred space, safety reigns as our guiding principle. The embrace of the inflatables is a dance of trust and respect, crafted from resilient materials that ensure stability and security. Subtle cues guide you towards harmonious engagement, while gentle reminders whisper through the air, guiding Festival-goers to navigate this enchanting realm with grace and caution.

    Curiosity Unleashed, Perception Transformed:
    In this ephemeral sanctuary, the veil of curiosity is lifted, allowing your senses to be reborn. Unleash your innate wonder and embrace the questions that burn within. As you surrender to the whispers of unity, your perception is transformed. Explore the boundless realms of possibility, challenge the boundaries that confine, and envision a future where collaboration weaves the tapestry of an equitable and thriving world.


    This experience was awarded funding by the 2023 Festival Planning Team, for demonstrating alignment to Festival goals.