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Presented by:

  • CallisonRTKL

  • Absher Construction

  • In the Beat Roulette arena, your body movements double as instruments! Dance, have fun, and interact with others in the space to create new sounds and music! 

    Beat Roulette highlights one of the most important ways in which we create connections, by enabling the immersive power of collaboration. Mimicking the shape of how sound waves and frequencies blend in harmony to produce the most exquisite music, participants in this installation work together to achieve sounds that are only possible through the unique input each of them is contributing.

    When participants enter this concave-shaped structure, they quickly realize that their body movements are triggering all sorts of sounds in their surroundings. When other participants join the experience, new beats emerge, which start colliding with the other sounds in the system, attempting to create music. Together, participants must realize that the results of the music depending on the level of synchronization between their body movements, they should work in tandem if their goal is to achieve harmony in the sounds being produced.

    We believe in the value of enabling experiences that connect strangers through a shared purpose, giving people the opportunity to create something unique that is only possible through the combination of their choices, experiences, and their level of desire to connect with others.

    Team: (Absher) Raygan Kettman, Jim Rogers, Mako Sakagami; (CallisonRTKL) Nomi Cooper, Diane Moore, Aparna Pillai, Patrick Winston, Rodrigo Tarriba, Steven DeGiorgi, Andy Johnston, Eduardo Silva, Grace Nemeckay, KJ Burkland, Espe Zivkovic