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  • Site Workshop

  • Design Team: Biruk Belay, Sarah Canepa, Cyrus Deloye, Jim Keller, Jordan Lewis, Alison Maitland Scheetz, Avee Oabel, Allison Ong, Vinita Sidhu, Luke Vannice

    Imagine life in Seattle from a bug’s perspective, and create a home for them in which they can live alongside us.

    Growing cities and a prioritization of short-term economic growth are contributing to mounting insect habitat loss. As vital keystone species that pollinate, decompose, control pests, and act as bio-indicators, insects are integral members of our ecosystem that the Cabinet of Curiosibees looks to celebrate. This installation asks visitors to re-examine the status quo of biodiversity loss by asking how we can create spaces in our backyards, neighborhoods, and cities that support insect life.

    A successful city is not just a place where people choose to stay, but where many new people want to come. Given the many compounding, overlapping crises that threaten the environment, Seattle must become more hospitable to all of the species that make up a thriving ecosystem. Cabinet of Curiosibees asks festival goers to imagine life in Seattle from a bug’s perspective, and to create a home for them in which they can live alongside us.

    Visitors are invited to pull from a curated collection of habitat-building materials to fill wooden hexagonal frames embedded with questions and prompts to inspire the makeup of their modules and spark conversation. The design team will provide specific materials that are known to be good for native, threatened insect habitat and provide examples that make up a starting basis for the installation. Over the life of the festival, visitors will fill in the rest of the frames with new habitat. Supplemental activities like painting rock bugs will be available for younger kids. In providing a venue for festival goers to work together to design alternative spaces that support our native insect community, the Cabinet of Curiosibees encourages deeper cross-species connections and the discovery of new possibilities for our shared environment.