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10:00AM - 7:00PM
Lake Union Park
860 Terry Ave N, Seattle WA 98109
This event is free

Presented by:

  • Bassetti Architects

  • Pick a thread of your choice! A connection is made once you weave yours onto a peg interwoven with other people’s threads, creating a beautifully woven design.

    This abstract connection relates other users’ interests and ideas anonymously to yours.

    A cylindrical installation comprised of parallel wood slats with varying heights. Pegs are embedded in the slats from the base to the top. The face of each peg would be embellished with universally recognizable images and icons. Visitors would take a piece of colored thread and wrap it around a peg to connect to an image or icon that speaks to them, continuing to the next peg of interest, and so on. These icons would inform the path of the string, connecting around the installation. The result would be a multi-colored cylindrical piece of art that shows visitors’ varying interests and our Common Threads.

    Team: Elaine Danielson, Ellie Lange, Tegan Hill, James Moehring, Shanmathi Mageshwar, Theresa Barnett, Jewels Romero, Deidrie Knowles, Lindsay Crawford, Mark Smedley