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5:00PM - 6:30PM
ZOOM, Online, Seattle WA
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Presented by:

  • IxDA Seattle

  • Join us for Designing for Behavior Change, a 90-minute virtual program that will review concepts important to designing for behavior change and explore ethical considerations of these approaches.

    Team: Rebecca Van Singel, Delaney Cunnigham, Neha Kaura

    Is designing something that drives people toward a specific behavior manipulative, or is it a valid approach to design? This is a concept called “designing for behavior change”, and it refers to designing experiences that intentionally promote a desired behavior from the people engaging with the design.

    In this program, you’ll learn about the psychological concepts used in behavior change design. We’ll also address ethical considerations relating to incorporating behavior change design into products, the importance of consent, the acknowledgment of biases, and the avoidance of dark patterns. You will leave with a better understanding of what’s necessary for creating effective and responsible behavior change with design.

    With a focus on current events, this event will also highlight the relevance of behavior change design during the current pandemic and other ongoing crises. While this event will primarily focus on the fields of interaction design, user experience design, and product design, there are many great examples of designing for behavior change in the physical world, and this is a multi-disciplinary approach.

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    Capacity: 100

    Attendees may request accommodations and we’ll do our best to provide them (please request no later than 1 week prior to the event). We’re looking into live captioning, but closed captioning will be included when the recording of the event is posted after the event.