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6:30PM - 8:00PM
ZOOM, Online, Seattle WA
This event is free

Presented by:

  • Seattle Design Festival

  • Overall Creative

  • Downtown Seattle Association

  • Be sure to attend this 90-minute panel!

    Join us for a unique experience where we take you on a journey through recent history. 2020 has been a difficult year for all but Seattle’s community has really demonstrated its resilience and its support for those who have been deeply affected by COVID and for the Black Lives Matter movement. The beautiful murals that sprinkle the city are proof of this.

    SDF, in partnership with Kathleen Warren from Overall Creative, MoPOP, and Seth Geiser from Downtown Seattle Association, has worked to create a series of programs to amplify the work of the muralists that have responded to 2020. These programs include 1) a panel, to explore the process of creation, the impact on the community, and steps to preserve these murals 2) projections of select murals on MoPOP’s exterior LED screens.

    This panel will explore the design process, community impact, and future of the murals around the city. Hear from some of Seattle’s best artists and their stories about the murals that have gone up during the pandemic and the BLM movement.

    Muralists Include:
    Zaeos+The Math Crew
    Barry Johnson
    Mari Shibuya

    Additional Insight from:
    Seth Geiser, Downtown Seattle Association
    Kathleen Warren, Overall Creative
    Katherine Hughes, MoPOP
    Melinda Simms, MoPOP
    Amalia Kozloff, MoPOP

    This is the online live-streamed event that accompanies the murals that can be viewed throughout the festival using the map created by Stronghold Seattle. A selection of murals will also be on display at MoPOP as part of Spontaneous Production: Revisited.

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