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  • LMN Architects

  • Visit ‘Equipoise’ to connect and socialize! While you’re here, create artistic flags that will be attached to the installation for display throughout the festival!

    Rooted in Pacific Northwest summertime, ‘Equipoise’ seeks to embrace two identities intrinsically tied to our regional culture: the celebrated pastimes of sailing and camping. Though differing in objective and venue, these activities share a deep connection and engagement with the outdoors. Whether out on the Salish Sea or among vast evergreen forests, these activities exchange the hustle and flow of urbanity for the solitude of yesteryear. Drawing upon the tectonic and material languages of these outdoor pursuits, ‘Equipoise’ provides both shelter and monument, a space both within and among, a moment both grounded and liberating.

    ‘Equipoise’ is both conceptually and functionally connected. Conceptually, the pavilion connects to the culture of the region. The design takes cues from the regional camping culture as well as the maritime industry. At two corners it stretches to the ground like a tent that encloses an inclusive gathering place. At the other corners, it raises up to become a sail that references the Lake Union Park’s proximity to sailboats. The duality of the tent and the sail creates a sinuous hyperbolic paraboloid form.

    Functionally, ‘Equipoise’ is intended to bring people together to connect with one another. The installation creates a welcoming gathering place for connecting socially. The interior surface of the canopy is revealed and draws people in. Its appearance changes from different perspectives creating interest from all vantage points. The shape creates an arched vault at its center to create a space for gathering. From another perspective, the arch is inverted to create a wing-shaped shelter to shade and protect people.

    The seemingly effortless way the installation reaches into the air with its long cantilevers is accomplished by its opposing sides. This counterbalance gives the installation its fitting name of ‘Equipoise.’

    Festival attendees are invited to help contribute to the pavilion by making custom flags. The flags can be anything participants want to create (drawings, poems, stories, etc). The flags will be connected to the underside of the pavilion canopy as they are created. Over the duration of the festival, the pavilion’s appearance will change to become a public art display creating a lasting connection between people, the pavilion, and the festival.

    Team: Tyler Schaffer, Alex Woodhouse, Hank Butitta, Xio Alvarez, Kayla Verbitsky, Andrea Marciani, Chris Savage, Chris Lim, Randy Miller, Sean Umeda, Cory Hitsemann, Marsha Swatosh, Jennifer Milliron, Scott Crawford, Justin Schwartzhoff, Sunmin Whang, Edgar Almaguer