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  • Jackson | Main Architecture

  • Team: Che Fortaleza, Dani Karr, Joe Dougherty, Dirk McCulloch, James Amaya

    Come play! Jackson | Main Architecture (JMA) is designing a 12’ by 12’ four square court for the 2021 Seattle Design Festival. The court will be surrounded by a 24’ by 24’ border to keep players and bystanders socially distant. A fun and safe experience at the festival will hopefully inspire the installation of courts throughout Seattle. The courts could have special designs in each quadrant, and competitive or recreational leagues could be sponsored by members of the design community.

    Emerging in 2021 will require us to challenge ourselves, become more aware of our surroundings, and create new positive experiences. Four Square, the classic elementary school game, requires an awareness of surroundings and often fosters friendly competition. Players must quickly adapt to the movement of the ball and be able to laugh at themselves when they make an easy mistake. JMA would like to show you how a simple game in a creative space can inspire interaction and adaptation, and ultimately create a sense of emergence in our city.

    The pandemic created a new desire for connection as well as safe outdoor activities. Through four square courts, we can use the challenges of the pandemic to create a new sense of community as well as new opportunities for creative expression.

    This experience will take place in the SDF Block Party Pop-Up Zone!