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  • August 17-21, 2020
This event is free

Presented by:

  • Integrus Architecture

  • Team members: Kayla Ford, Steve Lee, Maria Garcia Llop, Toby Peterson, Samira Qayyum, Cameron Walker

    Community is a central pillar in a thriving society. There are repercussions of its breakdown in inequality of its people, hostility and tribalism, and individualistic selfishness. When our communities are strong, we see the evidence in its inclusive nature, and the social bonds, cooperation, and flourishing of its people. Our goal is to promote regenerative community bonding, particularly in those communities whose populations experience marginalization and inequality. Community bonding helps neighbors take ownership over making positive change, and for their thriving in the future.The intent of the display is giving the community a place where everyone can be seen and heard, regardless of race, background or status. The intention is giving people a voice, giving the unheard the chance to be heard.

    We are approaching racism as a consequence of stereotypes and the judgement that happens among the community. Therefore, the proposed display will have two sides: one side that represents how do we see ourselves as part of our community and, another side that represents how others see us.Yesler Terrace is undergoing a serious change in its urban fabric. With families relocating into new equitable housing projects on land they previously called their own, families may feel conflicted about the identity of their community’s past, present, and future.Interstitial Community Bonding is partnering with the Yesler Terrace neighborhood in Seattle as a great example of a diverse community in continuous change.We hope to give the Yesler Terrace community a platform to share their voice and take an active role in shaping the future of their neighborhood. The intervention will give shelter to their stories, their roots, their culture and their vision of their own future.

    Ground-level. 117 S Main Street, Seattle WA and several alleys, and interstitial spaces in the targeted disadvantaged community. Outdoors – The display will indicate a one way lap to allow for social distancing requirements.