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1:00PM - 4:00PM
ZOOM, Online, Seattle WA
This event is free

Presented by:

  • Keep the Change Consulting

  • Team: John E. Perkins, PhD in Organizational Change, Principal in Keep the Change Consulting.

    Only boldness can deliver from fear. ~ Carl Jung

    Let’s fully own our boldness. Boldness expresses our soul’s sovereignty over how we speak, act, think, create, and engage. Our challenging time calls for everyone to be bolder. This means you, too. This playshop will guide you on how to design and build your personal pyramid of courage.

    Thirty years ago organizational transformation consultant Prasad Kaipa discovered that the ancient structures of pyramids still reveal mysteries. He developed a way to use pyramids dynamically to represent the frame of the forces which assist us—or stop us cold—as we engage with ambiguous and complex situations. Kaipa’s pyramids deliver insights for action at any scale from the personal to the global.

    Beginning with a diagram of a flattened four-sided pyramid we will graffiti the 4 corners with pairs of polar tensions: our aspirations versus our fears; what calls us into action versus what depletes us. The 6 edges will reveal linkages: how our aspirations relate to our fears. What connects what energizes us to what burns us out. On the 4 sides we will pencil in four essential themes which name the touching corners and edges.

    That completes the design stage. The build stage is to cut out the pyramid, fold it on the inner edges and tape it together. Viola! You’ll behold a completed pyramid in the palm of your hand.

    You’ll see in 3D how respecting all the aspects of yourself and letting them take turns in the rhythm of your action serves being bold. You’ll have confidence when being a silent witness is not cowardice but a strategic part of being bold over time. You’ll feel a deep-boned conviction when sustaining an intention by being insistent and persistent will be the bold action that will improve the situation.

    The playshop will be a mix of reflection, small groups, and general discussion.

    Supplies you will need at hand:
    Printed copy of the handout
    Two copies of the pyramid drawing on the last page of the handout
    Favorite pencil
    Clear tape

    Bio: John Perkins, PhD, Principal in Keep the Change Consulting. I am a professional workshop facilitator on topics as diverse as inter-group dynamics, dreams, forgiveness, excuses, and Motivational Interviewing. I also facilitate group discussion and decision making using Open Space Technology, Polarity Maps, Liberating Structures, and Synergy by Design™. Prasad Kaipa taught me how to use his pyramids in 1996. I have constructed dozens of them to guide me through writing assignments, research, consulting projects, personal growth, and relationships. I feel bold offering this playshop as I am not by profession a designer. Be kind.

    Location will be via Zoom meeting account. Details sent upon signing-up on the TeamUp page here:

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    Capacity: 85  via Zoom meeting app.