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  • August 15-23
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Presented by:

  • Rolluda Architects

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    Team: Matthew Budinger, Tracy Law, Mark McCarter, Brett Barbakoff, Zamzam Arale, Karina Djaynurdin, Sabina Punjani, Vicki Pena, Richard Murray, Nestor Marquez, Eleanor Shull, Alex Rolluda, Princess Coleman, and Tanya Rolluda

    At Rolluda Architects, Architecture is what we do. But our Culture—who we are—revolves around our values: Respect, Diversity, Integrity, Sustainable, and Social Responsibility. Now more than ever we at Rolluda are uplifting our value of Social Responsibility.

    For the 2020 Seattle Design Festival, we want our individual and collective voices at Rolluda to be heard. While at the same time engaging in conversations with Festival visitors where we can begin to share our vision that Architecture can be transformed by the power of Collaboration and Diversity.

    Our response to address this year’s theme is based on a virtual interactive timeline where voices are heard and treated with Respect. We intend to build upon our stories to strengthen our human connections. Through a shared timeline, where differences and the exchange of emotions and ideas are equally important, we can work toward meaningful change. We start with an introspective of the people at Rolluda Architects—our stories, our emotions, our thoughts—while offering the opportunity for others to engage in dialogue to build upon our relationships with each other and the earth.

    Through our web-based, multi-digital presentations, we want to invite everyone to explore and hopefully find something that can help them in these tough times. We also want to keep in mind those who do not use phones or internet. We want to do something to reach every individual, regardless of their circumstances. The overall hope for Rolluda Architects is to provide the City of Seattle, and the population at large in this country and around the world, a platform where people can share experiences as individuals and as part of our collective story.

    Sustaining the human connection in these times is so important. With a gained path of positivity, love, peace, unity, joy we can finally together address the fears, struggles, and pains of our society. Hopefully, we can all agree it’s time to connect!


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