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  • Labyrinth

  • Work together to solve this collaborative maze game installation! Labyrinth encourages an environment of cooperation and problem-solving.

    Participants stand on either side of the maze, one side where the maze is visible and one side where it is obscured. Attendees on the side with the maze visible must guide those on the “blind” side through the puzzle as they use a magnet to move the ball towards the exit. We hope that through this activity we can facilitate a meaningful connection between participants.

    Our first step in this process was to conduct some initial interviews about what makes people feel connected to one another. We found that an overwhelming number of participants viewed collaborative bonding activities and open, honest communication as great ways to feel seen by and to see one another. As cheesy as it sounds, an elegantly crafted team-building exercise can really work.

    The goal of the maze is to create a lasting sense of connection that extends beyond the festival. We want people to feel connected through this exercise and the open conversations that it spawns online as well. Regardless of each participant’s differences or disagreements, our installation encourages people to come together, solve this puzzle, and hopefully come out at the end primed to navigate the more metaphorical maze of life.

    Team: Sophia Johnson, Camille Miller, Carly Crooks