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Presented by:

  • DLR Group

  • PCL Construction

  • Tie threads throughout the installation to connect yourself with the community and others around you by creating a network of memories! Enjoy the sounds of these connections as they begin to tie into one another and create a web of shared experiences that help tie the community together.

    While we are slowly emerging from the pandemic, our ability to connect with our friends, family, and peers has dramatically shifted. Connectivity is no longer about meeting for coffee, but expanded to include virtual connections. Technology has allowed us to connect, but has it truly connected us? Are we connected because I see you on screen each week or are we CONNECTED because we share similar interests, culture, and memories. For us, connectivity comes from those serendipitous moments when each of us sees ourselves in others. These delicate strings that connect us to perfect strangers is the focus of our 2022 SDF installation.

    Memory Strings is a collaboration between DLR Group and PCL Construction to foster new connections by creating an interactive installation in which visitors can share a memory/experience. The platform/frame of the installation will be a wooden pavilion with a focus on locally sourced materials connected to the natural environment. While the installation will be on a platform it will remain ADA compliant with a ramp at the entrance and exit.

    The pavilion will house a series of selected questions that will invite the public to share their story and make connections with each other. A sample question may start with “You are Here” – “How did you arrive here?” Each visitor could map their journey using a colored or textured thread through the pavilion, creating a rich matrix of intertwining stories and paths of travel. At the end of the thread will be an opportunity for each visitor to place their personal story/journey that will be shared throughout the duration of the festival.

    At the base of the threads are footings that ground each visitor’s memory within the pavilion and begins to interconnect with others. The layering of memories/stories will resonate not only with those who interact, but also through a sound that the Memory Strings omit. With movements of the thread, objects will ring, knock, or chime. We envision a symphony of sounds resonating from this growing tapestry that can be heard nearby, inviting others to come and connect with the pavilion and build upon the experience.

    Team: (DLR Group) Chris Perez, Haley Wilson, Julie Reynolds, Adriana De Giuli, Kelly Schoenborn, Katherine Young, Ben Paschke, Alex Hochstetler-Luker, Mark Snell, Dan Murray, Dave Giamalis, Scott Mead, Javier Rodriguez; (PCL Construction) Matt Glassman, Patrick McQueen, James Rowe, Tristan LeBarron, Shelley Santo, Tally Burke