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  • Weber Thompson

  • What happens when people come together and use deliberate relationship building and community engagement as a pathway to ending homelessness? Help build a BLOCK Home with The Block Project, a dignified, restorative, affordable, community-based solution to the homelessness crisis.

    Facing Homelessness and The BLOCK Project work with Seattle homeowners to provide a permanent place to call home in the form of small-format, affordable, fully equipped, sustainable homes – while providing community care and support in collaboration with Residents and the broader community. A BLOCK Home is designed to be good for both people and the land. These homes strive to achieve Living Building Challenge certification, a rigorous certification program that envisions buildings that give more to our community than they take.

    Using simple power and non-power tools, participants (with the help of trained professionals and volunteers) will create rainscreen panels to be used in the construction of a future BLOCK Home. For those unable to participate in the build (due to age, ability, or interest) a secondary interactive exercise will be available that reinforces the exhibit’s theme: NESTED.

    Join us in reflecting on how we are all nested within an ecosystem of connections to other people, to the place in which we live, and to the physical world around us. May a sense of belonging within these connections empower and inspire each of us to value the positive impact we all might have within our homes, neighborhoods, communities, and as stewards of the earth.

    Team: Bernard Troyer, Jennifer Tee, Jen Awe, Kevin Glackin-Coley, Emily Evenson, Cody Lodi, Myer Harrell, Brittany Porter, Stephanie Farrell, Ann Marie Schneider, Chelsea Gorkiewicz, Sam Castro, Ashley Di Cristina, Weston Hambleton, Johanna Lirman