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  • August 15-23
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  • Miller Hull 2020 Open Studio

  • Visit the Running Dry: How Water Will Design Our Future website at any time during the Seattle Design Festival!

    Team: Aaron Argyle, Malika Kirkling, Rob Misel, Casey Riske

    Viewers are invited to an immersive digital platform that highlights the design thinking of the future voices in our community. The exhibition is a collection of work created by high school students during the 2020 session of Open Studio, an annual week-long design intensive hosted by The Miller Hull Partnership. The goal of the program is to introduce BIPOC students to the architectural and design professions while investigating a shared critical design problem. This year’s participants explored the intersection of water and architecture.

    The work produced demonstrates how students examined historic innovations in water harnessing and how it played a critical role in determining the successes and failures of civilizations. Illustrated through multimedia and text, students share how future prosperity is inextricably linked to our ability to find new design solutions that place genuine value on water. Individuals and teams share their explorations and celebration of water through paint, sound interpretation and spatial form making, ultimately demonstrating how water management can be integrated into our built environment.

    To incorporate an element of the diversity of environmental conditions addressed in the architecture field, we focused on micro and macro interventions related to water. As major cities around the world prepare for critical water management challenges in the near future, designers will be called upon to deliver solutions within the built environment. Students were asked to address how equity, specifically access to water, factored into their model. Viewers will follow a unique story-line of how individual student designers confronted these issues.

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