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Presented by:

  • NBBJ

  • Design Team:  Annabelle Guan, Alexander Thomas, Cari Scotkin, Claire Showalter, Effie Zou, Eric LeVine, Liberty Chapman, Lynn El Khoury, Mara Stokke, Miles Stemper, Olin Nespor, Uwe Bergk, Yusuke Ito, ARC Document Solutions, and Riot Creative Imaging

    Shape the narrative of Seattle. Share your own memories, hopes, and dreams for our beloved Seattle neighborhoods.

    We want stories about the greatest night ever, that friend you miss, the best family fun day, where to find the tastiest foods, the small pleasures, and the unexpected surprises. We’ll be there to listen to your struggles, to take on anonymous secrets, and to dream up solutions that will make Seattle’s future as bright and as storied as its past.

    We provide a space where you can inscribe your thoughts, aspirations, and stories onto the installation itself, weaving your own voice into the fabric of the city’s collective tapestry. Whether you’re a longtime resident or a recent transplant, we hope this installation will offer a unique opportunity to delve deep into the city’s essence and leave your impression on its future. Become a part of this experience that celebrates curiosity, community, and the ever-evolving spirit of Seattle.

    After the SDF Block Party concludes, we plan to make the assembled sculpture available to the public via online publication or possible donation to a local arts institution, where it could continue to grow and develop. After a period of continued exhibition, Seattle Evoked & Envisioned will be fully recyclable, continuing NBBJ’s efforts to make our SDF participation more sustainable.


    Not able to join us on Saturday? Or love us so much you just HAVE to come back? Join us for Seattle Evoked & Envisioned (Day 2) on Sunday, August 20 from 10-2pm.