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  • Seattle Happy Places

  • Team: Hannah Rudin and Rosie Sabaric

    We know that all of 2021 will be about re-emergence in many different ways. We are re-emerging into the public spaces around us and becoming reacquainted with spaces that may have felt risky or off-limits for much of the past year. We are also re-emerging into what it means to be a community, in public and in person. This Seattle Happy Places experience facilitates human interactions that will remind people that we are all placemaking together in this emerging future. As we grapple with new realities and explore new possibilities in our public spaces, Seattle Happy Places hopes that sharing joyful places with each other through this “scavenger hunt” experience will evoke community and togetherness, as well as encourage discovery and increase intimacy with the places around us.

    This experience will take place in the SDF Block Party Pop-Up Zone!

    Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors and donors, the Seattle Design Festival was able to fund this partner, to engage youth in the design process, leverage co-design, and improve the community engagement process,  inspiring action with lasting impact.