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  • August 15-23
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  • We the Antibody

  • Visit The Antibody to the Pandemic of Fake News event website at any time during the Seattle Design Festival!

    Team: Yuansi Li, Catherine Chang, Alex Banh

    “The Antibody to the Pandemic of Fake News” is an online experience for visitors to learn the dangers of misinformation in the media and the tools to protect themselves and others. Misinformation is much like a pandemic: fake news spreads faster than the truth. It is important for the people in our lives to work with us to unpack the information that filters through our online experiences. Media literacy is often not taught explicitly in schools, leaving us to learn such skills for ourselves at varying paces. And in a media landscape riddled with false information, we are all vulnerable.

    In this online experience, visitors can learn what it takes to become the antibody by learning different forms of misinformation and useful media literacy tools. Visitors can inoculate themselves from the viral spread of misinformation and learn good practices that will keep them safe in a volatile future. It’s about time we become the antibody to this pandemic of fake news.

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    Please note this online experience is only available on desktops and is not yet mobile compatible.