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  • Center on Contemporary Art (CoCA)

  • Come create a piece of art with us! Explore how we are connected to place, community, art, and self by composing a selection of cube faces, comprising a holistic image.

    The Center on Contemporary Art (CoCA) presents an interactive building block art installation that invites festival goers to see a visual narrative of how art connects people to place, community, and self. The installation will be composed of a set of cubes with images of paintings and sculptures on each side, allowing for hundreds of possible arrangements of images relating to different facets of connection. Visitors will create their own holistic mosaic of connection through easy moveable cubes. Come create art with us!

    Team: IL, Luca Lotruglio, Rachael Keith, Janie Bube, Allyson Levy, Jasmine Jenkins, Isabel Nelson, Haley Montowski, Alice Dubiel, Andrea Lewicki, Ann Beame, Aunde Cornely, Babs Fulton, Damon Brown, Esther Ervin, Eva Skold Westerlind, Jennifer Fernandez, Joan Beard, Jody Joldersma, Johanna Porter, John Huang, Judy Chia Hui Hsu, Juju Ishmael, Juniper Hovland, Karen Johanson, Karey Kessler, Kelly Lyles Kelly Marshall, Kris Saknussemm, Lisa Sheets, Lorena Krause, Megan Patterson, Nahom Ghirmay, Polly Purvis, Rachel Solimeno, Sanjida Mity, Sarah Banks, Steve Jensen, Suze Wolf, Tatyana Brown, Tiarraray Square, Vincent Keele