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5:30PM - 6:30PM
ZOOM, Online, Seattle WA
This event is free

Presented by:

  • Rhys Hudson

  • Join us for This Bitter Earth Project, a short film that brings together dancers from around the world in response to social inequality and the global health crisis:

    Artists perform in containment while song and film synchronize movements and create a powerful collaboration.

    Does the extreme social tension caused by America’s inequality and the global health crisis illuminate on the importance of coming together while giving room to individuality for future global prosperity?┬áDancers from 10 different countries around the world come together, dance together, and unite as one.

    “And this bitter earth…May not, oh be so bitter after all”.

    Choreography and Editing by: Rhys Hudson
    Music: “This Bitter Earth/On The Nature Of Daylight”
    Artist: Dinah Washington / Max Richter
    Dancers: Rhys Hudson, Alainah Grace Reidy, Alexandria Marx, Amelia Menzies, Arianna Hughlett, Brittany Broussard, Estelle Thomson, Francesco Barbuto, Ines McIntosh, Jan Villanueva, Kaynan Juan Oliveira, Kenedy Kallas, Liam Boswell, Mathis Nour, Matthew Bates, Natalie Reyes, Priyana Acharya, Regan Hutsell, Ricako Suzuki, Simon Hagmann


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    Prior to the release of the short film, the This Bitter Earth Project Crew will be releasing 2 Sneak Peek Trailers and a few posts via Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube.