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Presented by:

  • Miller Hull Partnership

  • Hoffman Construction

  • Design Team: Jonnie Nelson, Duy Dang, Jenny Hong, Nick Clesi, Tobias Jimenez, Robert Kuentzel, Brent Anderson

    Visitors are invited into a space that interrogates senses and natural forces–sightlines, sunlight, water, wind, and noise–and presents them in a new context. Through the arrangement of reflective and tactile planes, we invite you to frame this moment in time and consider your place in the built environment.

    The lens through which we see our world is in constant flux. The abstract shapes we see as newborns become order as adults, as we contextualize sense data and build environments for living. The magic inherent to our senses is lost to organization, as our growing minds fight the chaos that once brought us such wonder. Why can’t we imagine the reflection of another city in a puddle of water, or fly with the birds to see our skyscrapers from a new perspective, or turn park benches and bus stops in playgrounds? By looking into the past and future lives of our city, our ecology, and our natural resources, we envision an experience that rekindles a sense of curiosity in the everyday.