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  • Framework Cultural Placemaking

  • Experience the magic of Wonderhood as you step into a world of vibrant colors, movable and paintable elements, and an immersive chess game-like adventure.

    Let your curiosity ignite as the captivating visuals inspire you to unleash your imagination and join others in creating your own Wonderhood.

    Through playful engagement and artistic expression, participants will contribute to the collective shaping of a vibrant and diverse community. We invite all visitors to:

    PLAY: Participants can engage with the installation by moving the colored puzzle pieces and houses to configure their dream neighborhood, with various layouts and arrangements.

    DRAW: Using paints, participants can write or draw details and elements on the buildings and the ground, bringing their envisioned architectural features and community elements to life.

    SHARE: Participants will have the opportunity to listen to and learn from others. Dialogue and exchange of perspectives will enrich the collaborative experience.

    CO-CREATE: By actively participating and contributing their ideas, visitors will co-create the neighborhood, collectively shaping an inclusive and dynamic community.

    Throughout the event, the ideas and creations generated by participants will be documented through photographs and videos and shared on Framework’s Instagram. As a token of appreciation, participants will have the opportunity to take home the puzzle pieces and cardboard houses they worked with, and continue to explore.