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GiveBIG before May 4 and Ignite Seattle’s Creativity

The year is whistling by in a blink of an eye and May 4 is almost upon us. Unfortunately, society’s challenges won’t be solved nearly as quickly but, through the continued collaborative efforts of our creative community of designers, makers, and activists, we’re making design inclusive and accessible, we’re innovating, and we are taking a step to addressing the issues that matter.

Your gift, of any amount, between now and May 4, allows us to eliminate proposal fees for non-profits, students, and community-led organizations. You are funding individual stipends and strategic partnerships with Festival partners who engage marginalized communities in the design process. GiveBIG to Seattle Design Festival today and make a difference.

Remember, any gift of $100 or more earns you a golden ticket to come and join us at our May 4 celebration – Ignite!

Old and new friends alike, our partners GiveBIG to Seattle Design Festival because they wish to unleash the design thinker in everyone to illuminate Seattle’s challenges and ignite action. 


Marginalized communities and people facing homelessness have been the most widely impacted groups during the pandemic, though this crisis existed long before COVID-19. To support this community, in 2021 Dowbuilt partnered with Olson Kundig, Arup, and non-profit Camp United We Stand to help develop an affordable and portable home for residents. Camp United We Stand envisions a world without homelessness in which communities come together to promote a better quality of life for those in need. Learn more about Homebase here. 


Nature and artificial materials are constantly at odds, one trying to dominate the other. These extremes have had detrimental effects on our surroundings, but eventually, a commonality can be found amongst the chaos. GGLO’s 2019 installation highlighted a moment of equilibrium between the natural and artificial environments in our world. It is an example of the balance we should strive for in our communities by utilizing man-made materials to support nature. Learn more about EcoPeaks here. 

EcoPeaks by GGLO


In addition to the health impacts of COVID-19, the pandemic also creates another problem — isolation. With many disconnected from family and friends, and only leaving the house for essential purposes, they are feeling disengaged from their community. URBAN HARMONY SEATTLE is a mobile application allowing users to create, listen and “view” the sounds of their neighborhood, creating ever-changing audio / visual graphic representations, helping users reconnect with their city and community. Learn more about Urban Harmony Seattle here.


Our workplaces, buildings and cities must change to support our overloaded digital information-age, to provide places that better serve different approaches to problem solving and creativity, as well as health and well-being. This 2019 panel discussed novel studies and demonstrated how findings inform core principles for transformative designs that adapt to users’ needs. Learn More about People In Mind here. 

Fair Isle Brewing

Thank you to our partners at Fair Isle Brewing for supporting Ignite! and SDF through the gift of Beer.  They believe that pivotal experiences are not easy to come by, and at Fair Isle, their goal is to provide you with a connection to beer and where we live. They are a Ballard brewery creating farmhouse beers rooted in the Pacific Northwest. They use ingredients grown in the Pacific Northwest. Not local for local’s sake, but because of the variety of high-quality malts, hops, and fruit grown around us, creating beers that reflect the place we live. Let them pour you a beer and experience the story of the community that creates the ingredients in your glass.

Heritage Distilling Co.

Thank you to our partners at Heritage Distilling Co. They celebrate the HERITAGE of our communities through the power of their award-winning spirits, visually intoxicating experiences, and innovative programs, so that their customers become family, everywhere. HDC is one of the largest craft distilleries on the West Coast and is the largest independently owned craft distillery in Washington. Heritage Distilling is the most awarded craft distillery in North America by the American Distilling Institute for the past eight years out of more than 1,500 craft distilleries. HDC is a majority women-owned enterprise. HDC is an active member of the community helping to raise money for various charities and non-profit groups across the Pacific Northwest. The company’s philanthropic efforts were rewarded with the Secretary of State’s “Corporations for Community” award for the state of Washington in 2015 and “Manufacturer of the Year” Award from the Association of Washington Businesses in 2017.